Handmade miso (miso: fermented soy bean paste) & umeboshi (pickled Japanese apricots)

[Meji miso]
Meji miso is a miso made jointly by people in Meji, Kasumi Ward. Without using any additives, they make this miso in a traditional way using only rice, soybeans, and salt. This miso was featured on TV as mother’s taste lovingly made by local people and is approved as a Hyogo Brand product, which made the miso popular.

[Yadagawa miso]
A woman in the Iso district, Muraoka Ward started to make this miso in 1999. Using malted rice made by hand from locally-produced soybeans and Koshihikari rice, people make this miso by hand only without using any additives. The miso is made from October to March every year and sold in August. From 2003, people started to produce umeboshi using locally-produced Japanese apricots by a traditional method only. The umeboshi are made from the end of June to the end of July and sold in the next year. Yadagawa miso and the handmade umeboshi are approved as Hyogo Brand products. They are sold at three roadside stations etc. in the town and also used in school lunch.