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Kami Cho or contents provider holds copyright of contents in this website. We reprint these information regardless of profit, non-profit without permission in our association and prohibit that we use reproduction, loan, distribution, sale firmly.

Link policy

Our site is principle link free. But please look after requirements of mention by all means as follows.

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we violate site of contents that we cause damage by slander slander for site of contents that we violate intellectual property rights of copyright Alternative accomodation of site of contents against public order and morals, us and third party or there is a threat that, us and third party or there is a threat that, law or laws and ordinances or there is a threat that to our site.


1. Content is information in the point of publication on this website. Our association pays the best attention about publication, but does not guarantee 100% of accuracy of information.

2. We change contents and URL of this website without notice or may delete.

3. On use of information of this website, we cannot take responsibility for all about the direct indirect damage and trouble that occurred toward the user in our association.

Privacy policy

We carry out fate, this and act as privacy policy in what we maintain to observe laws and ordinances such as laws about protection of personal information concerned in Kami Cho, and to carry out the appropriate handling and safe management.

when we acquire personal information, we make use purpose clear and acquire personal information by appropriate and fair means.

About the use of personal information of user, we state clearly to user beforehand and may not use other than the purpose. But we use other than the use purpose or, in the case of any of the following, may provide.
1. When we are judged to be necessary by laws and ordinances
2. When there is agreement of the person beforehand
3. When we entrust with duties for use purpose of information
4. When it is thought that it is necessary for the community or person profit

We do not use personal information offer or the second to third party unless we fix for laws and ordinances without obtaining the person’s consent beforehand.

About personal information that Kami cho acquired, we take leak, loss, destruction, prevention of manipulation, necessary and appropriate safety management measures of Alternative accomodation personal information.

We discard immediately or personal information that did not need possession removes.