Fruits of the sea and processed marine products

In Kasumi, various fruits of the sea including crabs are landed at the port in all four seasons. For example, flatfish and shrimps in spring, squids caught with fishers’ fires in summer, sandfish caught by trawlnet fishing in fall, and deepsea smelts which are typically dried at processing factories as well as flatfish. Of course, these sea products are served as sashimi, hot pots, grilled dishes, etc. found only in this area.

Kasumi has about 80 processed marine products factories. According to stores’ preferences, they process sea products into various delicious processed products such as boiled crab, dried fish, dried seaweed, paste products such as boiled fish paste and tube-shaped fish paste cake, laver seaweed boiled down in soy sauce, and crab innards. Dried fish made from locally-landed fish without any additives including synthetic preservatives are approved as Hyogo Brand products.