Kasumi-gani (Red snow crabs)

Kasumi crabs look just like snow crabs, but Kasumi crabs live in deep waters 800m to 1,500m in depth and their whole body is bright red. They are called “benizuwai-gani” in Japanese. In Hyogo Pref., Kasumi crab fishing is seen in Kasumi only. So, hotels in Kasumi serve full-course “Kasumi crab” meals as well as snow crab dishes. The Kasumi crab season (September 1 to May 31) is longer than that of snow crabs. Fishers sink baskets containing bait to the sea bed to catch Kasumi crabs. As the volume of landings of Kasumi crabs is greater than that of snow crabs, you can enjoy Kasumi crab dishes at relatively reasonable prices.