Tajima Ushi (Tajima beef)

Tajima ushi are Japanese black cattle produced in Hyogo Pref. Beef brand names for the cattle are Tajima beef, Kobe beef, Sanda beef, Awaji beef, etc. The beef boasts its fine marbling and bright red color. Its texture and mild taste mean the beef is an extra good one. And no wonder. Tajima ushi are breeding cattle for producing nationally famous branded cattle such as Kobe beef, Matsusaka beef, and Omi beef. Besides, 99.9% of the Japanese cattle are descended from a bull named Tajirigo in Ojiro. In Mikata-gun, people have reared cattle for 1,200 years. Just like family members, Tajima ushi have been carefully reared in the severe nature for such a long period. As a result, this area currently produces many famous cattle.