Chorakuji Temple (Tajima Daibutsu)

Chorakuji Temple is a hallow ground established by Gyoki about 1,200 years ago. It is an ancient temple where Kobo Daishi (Saint Kobo) visited. In 1543, the temple was rebuilt after a natural disaster. In April 1994, the world’s largest three wooden colossal Buddha statues were created there. A total of 20,000 Chinese Buddhist statue sculptors created the parts for three years. The parts were transported from China to Japan across the sea and assembled at the colossal hall of the Great Buddha of this temple. The parquet statues made of camphor tree were plated with 1.32mn gold leaves weighing 21.8kg, glowing gold. A statue of Shaka Nyorai at the center is 15.8m tall. Including its halo, altar, and lotus pedestal, the total height is no less than 25.3m. The three statues with clear-cut, calm, and gracious eyes sit in front of people, showing respective individualities.