Amarubesaki (Misaki) Llighthouse

The Amarubezaki lighthouse is located in the Misaki district, known as a village of a legend of fleeing Heike worriers, at the west end of the Kasumi Ward. The lighthouse itself is 14m in height, but the height from the sea surface to the light source is 284m, which means the lighthouse is located at Japan’s highest point. The lighthouse’s visible distance of 920,000-candela light was 73km: the longest visible distance in Japan. After the calculation conditions were changed in 2003, however, its visible distance decreased to 43km, which made the lighthouse relinquish its first position to the Murotomisaki lighthouse. Its light reaches Togocho, Tottori Pref. toward the west and Kyogamisaki, Kyoto Pref. toward the east, ensuring the safety of ships every day. In spring, the highway from the national road to the lighthouse is filled with cherry blossoms.