Yoshitaki Waterfalls

The waterfall has two parts. The upper part is 23m and the lower part is 5m, which totals 28m in height. Yoshitaki Shrine is located in a cave behind the waterfall basin. Since visitors can see falling water from behind, this rare waterfall is also called Urami no Taki (urami: seeing from behind; taki: waterfall). Other two small waterfalls flow out from rock cracks on the both sides of the main waterfall. The right one is called Kintaki Falls and the left one is called Gintaki Falls. These waterfalls’ water looks shining. The waterfalls are surrounded by huge lush trees of Japanese cedar, horse chestnut, zelkova, etc. Especially, the huge Japanese cedar trees are carefully conserved as mother trees of Ojiro sugi (Ojiro’s Japanese cedar trees) that grow well.