Imagoura (Imagoura cove)

Kasumi Ward, Kami Town was approved as one of locations of Japan’s 100 Most Beautiful Sunset. At the Imagoura cove, you can see the convoluted coast line of the San’in Kaigan National Park and the brilliant sunset over the horizon in the period from May to the middle of September. You can also enjoy the setting sun over the Japan Sea behind flowers of daily lily that blossoms between early evening and morning only. After sunset, you can see fishers’ fires over the horizon in the dusk. A movie “Norwegian Wood” based on a novel written by Haruki Murakami was filmed at Senjojiki (rock reef) by the Imagoura cove. It was an extensive movie shoot by nearly 50 people including the leading actor Kenichi Matsuyama. Don’t miss the scenic beauty of the movie location.