Ojiro Ancient Times Experience Forest

Excavational investigation was started from 1986 at Uenoyama Relics, which unearthed a dwelling site in the early Jomon Period (about 7,000 years ago), Jomon pottery fragments, stone tools, etc. Taking this opportunity, the Kami Town Office developed this place into “Kodai Taiken no Mori” in order for many people to know predecessors’ life and experience ancient life. The site has three pit dwelling houses in the Jomon, Yayoi, and Kofun Periods, one ancient raised floor warehouse, an experience house for ancient experience learning activities such as creating comma-shaped beads, creating earthenware, and ancient cooking, and an old house in the early Meiji Period. Here, you can experience ancient life by baking earthenware outdoors, grinding stones to create comma-shaped beads, making a fire in an ancient way, and cooking ancient rice using a camping pot.
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