Amarube Viaduct “Sky Station” (Amarube Tekkyo “Sora no Eki”)

The Amarube Viaduct has been supported the railway traffic of the JR San’in Main Line for about 100 years since the completion of its construction in 1912. It is an iron bridge 41.5m in height and 310.7m in length between the Yoroi Station and Amarube Station on the JR San’in Main Line, with characteristic “trestle” bridge piers made by fabricating steel frames into towers. The bridge was the largest one in Japan among this kind of iron bridges. In August 2010, the bridge was converted into a concrete bridge. Three bridge piers on the JR Amarube Station side were preserved to be reborn as an Amarube Viaduct “Sora no Eki” observation facility. Besides, there are a walkway to the observation facility and park under the bridge. You can spend a relaxing time at a free lawned square and arbor under a bridge pier. Enjoy a feeling of floating at a ground height of about 40m and also the beautiful view of the Japan Sea. *Opening hours may vary depending on the season. *The bridge may be closed depending on the weather conditions.